Fall, The best time to buy a pool !


For savvy, budget-conscious customers, fall is the best season to purchase a pool. Prepared shoppers take advantage of the pool industry’s offseason to purchase early holiday gifts for the family. Is there a better gift than the ongoing fun and relaxation of an in-ground pool? Truth be told, pool contractors start to experience a decline in demand once the summer boom is over meaning deep discounts are likely. Here you have 2 main reasons to buy a pool during fall:

  • During the autumn months, customers have increased access to knowledgeable installation specialists who can complete projects in a timely manner, because workers are less rushed during the offseason and better equipped to perform a speedy installation.
  • During the fall and winter, prices of the necessary tools, products, and materials go down as the demand decreases following the intensity of summer. The cost of goods normally goes up at the start of a new year, so finishing pool construction before this happens ultimately puts money back in customers’ pockets.

Before buying a pool in the middle of summer, consider the advantages of making the investment during the offseason. Customers interested in getting the best deal on a pool should look to buy a pool during the fall and winter months and don't forget if you need to maintain your pool we have everything you need.