Pentair Mastertemp® 250 High Performance Heater with Cord Liquid Propane 250 K BTU EC 462027

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Experience dependable, reliable, and efficient heating for your pool and spa with the Pentair EC462027 Mastertemp® 250 High Performance Heater designed for Liquid Propane use. Built to last with a tough rust-proof exterior, this heater ensures durability and longevity even in harsh environments. Featuring premix combustion technology, the Mastertemp 250 delivers fast and efficient warm-ups for quick heating of your pool and spa. Safety is paramount with built-in safety features that guarantee system protection. The rotatable and easy-to-use intuitive operation controls offer seamless control. Certified for both outdoor and indoor installation, this heater provides best-in-class energy efficiency, eco-friendly low NOx emissions, and quiet operation, enhancing your poolside experience. Its compact design allows for compatibility with smaller equipment pads and pool/spa automation systems.

Key Features:

  • Dependable, reliable, and efficient heating for pool and spa
  • Tough rust-proof exterior for durability
  • Premix combustion technology for fast and efficient warm-ups
  • Built-in safety features for system protection
  • Rotatable and easy-to-use intuitive operation controls
  • Certified for outdoor and indoor installation
  • Best-in-class energy efficiency
  • Eco-friendly with low NOx emissions, surpassing industry standards
  • Quiet operation for a peaceful poolside experience
  • Compact design to fit in smaller, less intrusive equipment pads
  • Compatible with pool and spa automation systems