What to do to recover your pool after a hurricane?

Heavy rains, winds, and natural disasters, such as flooding, can destroy the cleanest and most manicured pool.  Hurricane Ian's landfall in southwest Florida has left devastation and extensive damage in its wake, and it will be months before the aftermath of Hurricane Ian is cleaned up in many parts of Florida, the hardest hit zones were retirement areas where many people had their pools and these were seriously affected. Here's what to do to recover your pool after a hurricane:

  • Immediately remove branches, mulch, and other foreign matter from the pool before you run the pump to prevent clogging the suction lines. If you have to enter your pool to clear debris, make sure you wear shoes to avoid injury to your feet. Use a net to remove as much debris as possible so you don't clog your equipment.
  • If you lost power during the storm, remember to reset your circuit breakers and pump timer(s) when electricity is restored, taking care to make sure everything is dry.
  • Remove any covering from the motor or other equipment to allow for airflow. If the pump motor has been submerged, it should be removed for professional cleaning and drying.
  • Return the pool water to its proper level. Empty the pump and skimmer baskets and open the appropriate valves to allow water to circulate properly when the pump is turned back on.
  • Super-chlorinate the pool and circulate continuously until clarity returns. Clean or backwash filters often, and recharge with new D.E. if applicable. There will be a higher volume of debris and particulate in the water than normal and your filter will need more attention for a few days.
  • Bring your pool water to have it analyzed and re-balanced as quickly as possible. After any rain, circulate the pool for at least a couple of hours prior to collecting a sample. This will combine the chemically treated water with the rainwater to ensure an accurate sample.
  • Repair or replace any screens, doors, fences, or gates used to prevent children from entering your pool unattended.
  • When your pool is clean and clear, resume normal operation.